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My boyfriend raped a girl

He is a rapist. He raped someone. Why are you asking if you should be with someone who is a rapist?

Rape is not about sexual pleasure for a man, it’s about power and control and the rush they get from it. And it’s addictive and it says something about someone’s personality.

Professionals who have specialised in rape and the psychology behind it tend to agree that a rapist never rapes one time only and that if you get raped, you can safely assume it’s a serial rapist. It might have been his first time and there might be a long time in between rapes but sooner or later a man who has raped will rape again.

You are not safe with this man, please break up with him.

Can people change and grow? Absolutely. Do you owe your time/safety to providing him the opportunity to prove it? FUCK no.

Whatever you do, do it because you think it’s right, not because you’re worried about what a particular group of friends will think of you for your choice. It’s YOUR choice. I’d ask HER for the whole story though, not him. His story will 100% be biased/framed.