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What was the worst physical/emotional pain you’ve experienced in your life?

I held my mother’s hand as she died from cancer, the lead up to that day was far worse.

I’ve sawed into my hand at least two times, stabbed it, burned it, got 3rd degree burns on my ankle, broke my collarbone and an arm (all on separate occasions years appart). Each one of those experiences is more enjoyable than failing at something that’s important to you because of your undiagnosed mental illness.

My mam cooked some lasagne and me being the pig I am shovelled down my greasy throat as quickly as possible which ended up with hot cheese and lasagne sauce sticking along the roof of my mouth and giving me blisters the whole way down my mouth

It hurt to eat anything solid for 5 days

When I was 12 I had a disease where my leg muscles were dying. The pain was excruciating, just the weight of a bed sheet on my legs was too much to handle. As bad as that was, what sticks with me the most is whenever my parents looked at me they started crying. Seeing my parents always upset was worse than the pain from my legs.

Testicular torsion. Wouldn’t recommend it