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What was the worst physical/emotional pain you’ve experienced in your life?

I thought it would be giving birth, but a week after my emergency csec (after 30 hours of labor with 2 failed epidurals) I got an infection through my entire incision. About a foot long and down to my fascia which is the last tissue holding my organs in. I had to be recut open and the little pain meds I received were nothing. I felt every slice, rip of a staple, and screamed for what felt like hours. I was diagnosed PTSD from it. I still hear the screams in my head, I can still feel them rip out a staple. It took me 3 months to finally heal. 3 months of painful daily wound changes, a wound vaccuum, all while being a new mom too. The only way to describe how it feels to be cut open is, “Yeah you know when you get cut open? It’s like that.” Fucking worst thing to ever happen in my life.

The death of a dog.

Getting in a motorcycle crash

Aaaand I also fell off the third floor when I was a kid, had to get 7 stiches on my head

had blood filled ulcers in my oesophagus and stomach which burst and ended up puking blood. was rather painful

Burning oil on my body wasn’t fun for several months.

Back pain is also terrible.