Mini Guide

Consiglio: If you lose your dog and you are by yourself, STAY PUT.

Consiglio del giorno che ti può essere utile:

It’s okay to roam around the general area, like 10 square meters. Rustle around, leave your scent, yell, scream, cry, post about your lost dog on Facebook, but for the love of your pup DO NOT LEAVE THAT AREA TO LOOK FOR THEM.

If the dog is out of sight and you search for them, then you almost eliminate the chance of them coming back to that spot for you, and that is your greatest chance of finding them.

Sure, if you have multiple people, split up. As long as somebody is at the one location your dog knows where to go back to.

My anecdotal experience:
I lost my dog at the park. He rustled around the trails for a while and then was gone. I wanted to be proactive, search for him.

My SO wanted us to drive around and look for him. I stayed put and sure enough he came back an agonizing forty five minutes later.

This scenario assumes you lose your dog in a place completely unfamiliar to them.

Edit 2:
Also, I’m no dog search and rescue expert, I know this advice is general, and there are other factors that many of you have mentioned. If you find yourself in the situation, take a breath, judge the situation, and apply your instinct and logic. It is not a good time to panic nor ignore your own reasoning.