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Consiglio: If you seriously fuck up at work, keep your mouth shut and get a lawyer.

Consiglio del giorno che ti può essere utile:

I work with Worker’s Compensation claims, so I handle a lot of things that include legal battles between employees and their employers. There are countless times when employees really screw up at work, such as causing major damage to equipment/property, causing a huge monetary loss or even injuring/killing someone. When things like that happen it’s very common for management to approach you immediately to try and get information from you, like “How did this happen”. Given that you screwed up plus the fact that this supervisor will probably be pretty pissed, it’s a high stress situation for you. When that happens, so many employees freak out and start explaining themselves in an attempt to soften the blow and cover their asses.

The second you open your mouth to say anything other than “I would like to seek representation”, then you immediately become liable for financial and/or legal responsibility of what happened. Regardless of whether or not you have job-related accident insurance (Think doctors having insurance for a patient dying in them), this still applies. Whether it’s in-person, an email or a text, do not say anything. Not even an “I’m sorry”. Get a lawyer, or at the very least get a Union Representative (If available). A lot of times people associate financial ruin to specific things, such as being found at fault for a major traffic collision that severely injured/killed someone. You can be financially ruined by big enough of a mistake at work.