Relazioni e amore

Bf (24) told girl (20s) that he hopes she is still single if we don’t work out (19F)

Yeah, dump this loser and find someone better.

You can’t really rebuild trust like this. Once you feel like you have to snoop, it’s not going to end well.

Dump this loser (only a loser would tell other women how attractive they are while you’re dating), and find yourself someone who respects you.

It sucks, I get it, but in 1 month (or sooner) time you’ll be SOOOO glad you did. You might be nervous to be ‘alone’ after a boyfriend, but at least it’s HONEST

Assuming you’re living together right now, lay low and keep this to yourself until after the pandemic is over. Deny interest in sex, possibly blaming covid depression. Then when it’s done, make your decision.

Is this ideal? No. Don’t eff with your shelter right now when you don’t have to. Bury those emotions until it’s safe to leave