Relazioni e amore

I (25M) can’t leave my girlfriend (26F). I’m trapped.

The way you talk about her mental health -so fucking insecure- sounds like you’re not all that concerned about helping support her. So why are you concerned leaving will hurt her?

Her job situation alone would make me leave. It’s completely irresponsible to be like that as an adult and if she understands that her anxiety is bad she needs to at a minimum be working enough to pay to see a psychiatrist. It seems like she’s perfectly ok depending on you to support her in every way without even trying to better herself. It’s sad and I’m not saying she’s bad in general but if I was in your shoes I would lose love for her over this. There’s nothing wrong with having mental health issues but no matter who you are you need to try to improve and get to a good spot with it where it’s manageable.