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My (21F) husband (22M) cheated on me with my now former best friend and her husband doesn’t know. Should I tell him?

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She even played it off like she didn't stab me in the back and still continued to message my husband anyway. I want to tell her husband so he can just end it with her because she obviously doesn't respect him in their relationship. I'm also 1 more issue away from filing a divorce. I'm so fed up with both of them especially my husband. But should I tell her husband just so he knows?

UPDATE: I told him and he's likely going to divorce her now. I'm trying to find resources to file for divorce too.

This isn’t enough to convince you to divorce him?

Yes, he deserves to know.

Why the fuck do people get married in their early 20s?

YES. That is not okay & if you haven’t talked to your husband about it DO THAT. I’m sorry he did that, but i would leave your husband and best friend. I know its not that easy, my parents are divorced & my dad cheated on my mom.

He’s going to find out anyway, since you are no longer friends with his wife and he’s going to be asking why. Tell him.

I would.