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My (24M) girlfriend (24F) broke into my apartment.

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So while I was in a 3 hour lecture class my phone was off because it died. When I got home, I found my entire apartment had been cleaned. I turned my phone on to find a dozen texts from my girlfriend and like 20 missed calls. What I guess happened was she started freaking out because I wasn't responding, drove 40 minutes to my place, broke in, saw my schedule and cleaned my apartment out of guilt. She feels really bad about what she's done but I just feel so violated. Like if she's willing to break into my apartment, what boundaries will she respect? Am I overreacting. Would you end an otherwise healthy relationship over this?

TL;DR: My girlfriend broke into my apartment because I wasn't texting back, realized I was in class, and cleaned my entire apartment out of guilt

In my experience she cleaned to hide the fact she went through your stuff.

Wow 3hours isn’t long to be mia and wouldn’t warrant breaking into to someone’s place. I assume she thought you were cheating and went to see if you were home with someone else? I don’t think you being mia for 3hours was her being concerned for your safety and calling you 20 times is kind of creepy. Dunno if you wanna be with someone that trusts you this little if you’ve gave her no reason to?

She cleaned after she snooped through all your stuff dude. Run. Break up with her. This is not a stable or healthy person you’re dealing with.

Yeah if I had a boyf who wasn’t replying to my texts, going to his apartment to check is NOT the first thing that would come to my mind. And then I absolutely wouldn’t clean his apartment lol. All seems a bit suss tbh. Maybe just outright ask her, give her a chance to be honest and see what comes of it

Wasn’t guilt, was a cover up.