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My boyfriend dislikes that my mom is mexican

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My boyfriend dislikes that my mom is Mexican and has told me stuff like “you’re not ideal because you’re not fully white” and that he wants to keep his “bloodline pure and not mixed”. I don’t know what to do because I cannot control that. And, he doesn’t know i’m bisexual. I don’t think he will react positively if I come out so, what should I do?

this wasnt a shitpost btw. i lost my old account lol. i did break up with him over a call. he didnt care too much so ig that shows that he was a total piece of shit. thanks for the support guys, i appreciate it 🙂

Break up with this fool

How is this a real question?

Is it me or there’s a lot of women of color dating racist white dudes asking for advice here?

He is racist and you don’t need to subject yourself to that. He has already told you that he doesn’t see a future with you two naturally having children together. I’d say that he’s isn’t your future.

Lololololo mixing keeps the gene pool healthy, show him a picture of a pug and tell him his great-great-great (etc) grand children will look like this if he “keeps the bllodline pure” What a fool. Educate him, then leave him. Racism isnt acceptable in a global world, its the year 2020, tell him to wake up.