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Recorded a video in the bedroom with my wife. Found out she sent it to another man the next day.

KartoffelPaste ci racconta la sua esperienza amorosa:

For context, In the beginning of our relationship it was quite rocky. I caught her sending videos and nudes in private groups and directly to many different guys online. She lied and heard about these things, and was not very loyal the beginning. I hung in there for the kids, and then the subsequent years we are actually very happy now.

So we decide to record a video in the bedroom last night, the first time we’ve done so in a very long time. I find out that she sent it to the one remaining guy on her friends list from her previous, less loyal days. Of course he responded with videos of himself, and let her know how much she pleasured himself to her.
She tells me she was just trying to show off how happy we were together now. Which I might even be OK with, if this was one of her sisters or something like that. But this was somebody who we previously had a huge fight about, and who she promised not to do that kind of thing with anymore.
Now she’s angry at me saying I’m blowing the whole thing out of proportion.
Are there any wives or husbands out there who think it’s OK, or normal behavior to send pornographic films of yourself just someone of the opposite sex, especially someone there has obviously been a problem with before? Tell me I’m not being an asshole for getting really angry over this.

>She tells me she was just trying to show off how happy we were together now.

Nah dude she was getting off to it.

Some people are okay with this kind of thing. You’re not, and that’s the bottom line. She knows that and she’s doing it anyway. So call it what it is: it’s cheating.

You aren’t an asshole, what she did is ILLEGAL.

That’s fucked up. You did not consent that

divorce seems to be the only option, she’s done it before and you dont deserve to be treated as a second option

uh she is engaging in sexual activity with another man, and gaslighting you as to it importance. Time to dump her. You dont need to put up with this.