Relazioni e amore

UPDATE: we broke up.

wisecrone ci racconta la sua esperienza amorosa:

here is the previous post

I shed a few tears but I feel so light! I never thought I’d feel this good over a breakup.

He kept manipulating me and guilt tripping me over EVERY LITTLE THING until the end.

The last thing I said was “I wish you find happiness and comfort”

He said “I wish the cats haunt you forever” (I’ll explain the cats situation later)

I said “I wish nothing but the best for you”

He said “as you should, I did my best” —in my mind I’m like ‘wow THIS is your best? I guess I’m really better off then’

Anyways, I’m so overwhelmed. Thank you guys for everything. I wouldn’t have had the courage to do it without all your comments.

He called me a submissive bitch for not fighting with my parents over keeping my cats at home. (I live with my parents at 26 because I live in Saudi Arabia and it’s illegal for females to live independently)

I had to give my cats away and he asked me to keep them with him but I gave them to strangers because he already has 12 cats and refuses to spay them.

My dad has pneumonia and the doctor told him to get rid of the cats. So I had to give them away. And he tried to guilt trip me over that saying he hopes it will haunt me forever.

There’s a lot to say but I’m just so overwhelmed to type right now.

I’m happy.

It started by him calling me a submissive bitch and disgusting and a reminder of his abusive mother

So i took that chance and told him so why are you with me? I kept saying “so why are you still with me? shouldn’t we break up if I’m that horrible of a person?” Until we broke up.

I’m happy for you OP.

He showed you who he was, you believed him, and loved yourself enough to leave. Good for you.

Reading your previous post it was always going to head this way.

Enjoy your new found freedom and have fun with your Masters.

Have fun with your masters!

Strong girl !! I hope you enjoy your master and your freedom !??