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Adults of Internet, what is something every Teenager needs to know?

Life moves very quickly after leaving school – years go by so quickly

I graduated 10 years ago from high school and none of those people are in my life now. So take your time being you and grow your self esteem and talents now over wasting time trying to impress those pricks you won’t even remember in a few months after graduation.

Everyone is smart, just at different things. People can be book smart or people smart or machine smart etc.

But the difference between successful people and not so much is the application and dedication you give.

(My nephew is 9 and his dad is already calling him dumb, which is insane because that kid is sooooo quick. He understands things rapidly. But he doesn’t like school right now. This is something I just told him)

There are things you can get away with when you’re legally underage that you can’t as an adult. I’m just saying…

Take care of your body. Be active. Brush your teeth. Have a good sleep routine. Talk about your problems. Learn to experience and express your emotions on healthy ways.

Do your homework. It’s not about proving you can do some rote, boring shit, It’s about forming a good study habit. Even if you don’t go to college or university, learning how to learn will help you immensely.

Learn about finances, taxes, bills. and insurance early. Get your parents to involve you in the mundane adult stuff, so you aren’t caught unawares when reality hits you.

Learn the skills that were commonplace for older generations, such as cursive, Latin, and geography. And ffs, learn to navigate without gps, learn to “read the room”.

At some point, possibly into adulthood, read books on regular etiquette, and “Robert’s Rules of Order” (which governs/establishes guiding principles/etiquette for everything from business meetings to congressional hearings). You’ll understand why older people have such weird expectations.

If you aren’t ready to accept responsibility for something, don’t tangle with it. If you can’t raise a kid right now, be choosy about your partners (do you really want to be stuck with this person in your life? Co-parenting with someone manipulative is absolute torture), and be extremely careful when you do have sex. Pregnancy isn’t the only worry here…. Likewise, you may want to move out, but honestly it’s best to stay home and save your money as long as you can. Most rents cost about twice as much as a mortgage in the same area/neighborhood. The difference-maker is whether you have the capital to put down and the credit for a reasonable interest rate (build your credit to get a better rate).

We know all the tricks, we were teenagers once before aswell