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After Flat Earthers, Anti-Vaxxers and Anti-Maskers comes the next stupidest group of people with a completely new conspiration theory. What is it?

BIRDS ARNT REAL! They think the US government replaced all birds with drones for spying.

Well Scientology is by far even more stupid than the ones you mentioned.

Matrixers. We’re actually living in a computer generated simulation of our reality. The Matrix series of films are created specifically to make people think that the idea is just a flight of fancy. But its all true

I suspect that these people already exist

Hasnt the 4/5g conspiracy already been gaining speed for a while?

Probably in cahoots with the general “allergic to electricity” crowd?

People who thinks math is not real. At this point i know this will be a thing in the next month or year or so.