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As a dad, how much does it annoy you when you take your kid(s) to the shops and someone says “so you’re on babysitting duties”?

I started working parttime the moment my kid was born. One the off days I never really got those remarks (maybe because it is more common here).

We used to have a routine in supermarket. It would make-believe hit my kid, stating “You’re a terrible kid!” Kid would hit me back “You’re a terrible father!” and run away. Always good for some shocked reaction and a laugh.

Not a dad, but I do have a story! My partner recently took our daughter out for some alone time and came home perplexed at how many people said that to him. I think his response each time was, ‘why the hell would I babysit my own kid?’ He’ll sometimes call or text me after work and say, ‘get her dressed and ready, we’re going on an adventure’.

Why do some people just assume that a dad won’t be willing to do just that?

I lived in a very poor city in Texas. When my wife talked to the school, she got ignored. When I called them with the same request, I was treated like a hero and obeyed immediately.

It felt wrong to get more respect based on my sex, but where it helped my kid, I did it.

It doesn’t annoy me. It’s just some person trying to be polite and social by initiating small talk. Maybe chuckle about it and say something in return to lighten the atmosphere and make others happy.

Woman here. It drives me mad when men say that. Very few women ever mention their kids in their plans when talking. What are they doing this weekend? Oh shopping, a movie, etc… some dads say well I have my kids… duh, you have kids! Women just always are assumed to have the kid while it’s perceived as abnormal for a man to.