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As a dad, how much does it annoy you when you take your kid(s) to the shops and someone says “so you’re on babysitting duties”?

That happened to me yesterday! It was the guy my wife cheated on me with. He ruined our marriage. For some reason he was being really friendly towards my son. And he kept winking at me and asking me how my wife was. It was super weird.

My son is 18 months. Luckily haven’t encountered this, on the flipside there’s actually a lot of guys with their kids at the parks, shops etc in my area.

On a scale of 1 to 1,000,000 – I’d say it doesn’t annoy me at all.

I’m not a dad or a man, but it pisses me off. I’m not babysitting this tiny potato looking thing for fun. Its called parenting.

Very freaking annoyed!