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Can someone explain why in the USA, an ad for a drug that lists side effects, can be followed by an ad for a lawyer suing if you have those side effects??

Because you’re comparing two different things. No one is suing because they got dry mouth after using a drug. They’re suing because of dangerous side effects that were undisclosed.

What happens in your country when there’s an undisclosed side effect that severely injures people? Nothing?

Here in the Netherlands it is actually illegal to make ads that advertise drugs!

Because Murrica.

Can someone in the US explain why ads for medications are allowed in the first place? How are those without medical training supposed to know if a medication is appropriate for them? And doesn’t it set up a potential conflict between them and their doctor if their doctor won’t prescribe it? Destroys trust, surely?

You will not see the 2 ads for the same drug. Typically a drug is pulled from the market if there is a class action lawsuit against it