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Children of sex workers: how did you find out what your parent did, and what attitude towards sex did they instil in you?

Well? If you really want to hear it, I’ll tell…

I guess my shrinks call “sexual awakening” about a year before puberty, so I figure this was around 11.

My mom and dad had actually both met during their work, and I was A Mistake, as I was often told.

Understand that they had me around 19, and their careers are basically done by 30. More or less.

So? They started incorporating me into their scenes.

At first? I would watch. Then? I lost my virginity on screen. I guess they made a bunch of money off of it, but I never saw a dime.

Now? I just need that damned Loch Ness Monster to give me my damned tree fiddy for his blow job.

You probably also should have added a serious tag.


“It all started when I broke both of my arms…”

This question has been asked a thousand times in this sub-MassimoL, and it still doesn’t have any good answers, stop.