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Disabled/Chronically Ill utenti, what’s the worst piece of advice someone has given you to “cure” your illness/disability?

The worst I think is sunshine for depression…

De-stress, breath more, pop an Advil, take a nap, exercise… for fibromyalgia, IBS, endo, migraines, fatigue (like literally, I couldn’t be less stressed and more into breathing and Advil and naps and less able to exercise than I am now lol. I know these are all a sliver of my self care, but people/all my doctors act like they cured me with these tips…😅)

Just stay positive and pray and it will cure me. Also that my pain meds, that are the only reason I can function at all, are holding me back from recovery.

I was told to drink a mixture of different cooking oils (like a cup of oils) mixed with sage, oregano, 2 different kinds of teas and something else. Someone convinced my family member that that concoction would stop my organ failure.

Another said I needed to visit her magical vet who would know exactly what to do to fix me. I should also get off pain medication cause that was what was causing my organ failure not the string of birth defects I had.

Needless to say, I didn’t do any and I’m now post transplant surgery doing much better. No where near perfect but good enough for me. Family still offering stupid advice to “fix” me so now I get irate and sarcastic at the mention of juice cleanses and foot pads that pull out “toxins”.

Eat more to cure chronic nausea which prevents me from eating.