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Doctors and nurses of Internet what have been your “WHY DIDN’T YOU COME IN SOONER!?” Moments?

My dad is a doctor and he once told me a story where a woman came in to see him. Her problem was that she had a potato lodged inside her vagina. The “why didn’t you come in sooner?” Is that the potato had sprouted roots and growths around it, meaning it had to have been in there for a while.

I had a patient come in saying he couldn’t see. How long had it been going on? For five days. The man had been blind for five days and didn’t come in because he thought it might be “like a cold
Or something”.
During the exam when I asked him to move his legs he said “oh, I can’t do that”… (??) I asked how long he’d been unable to move his legs or walk? Wife chimes in- about two years. Never saw a doctor about it- They just borrowed a friends wheelchair and kept it rolling.
Turned out he’d had multiple strokes with multiple risk factors he never addressed. Given how little insight he appeared to have into the condition I honestly felt sorry- he didn’t have insurance so I’m sure that played a role In Him avoiding seeing anyone.

A colleague of mine removed a diabetic patient’s sock and their toes came off inside it.

My cousin is a Pathologist Assistant and was telling me how about how she had to dissect a testicle that was 11 pounds. Turns out it was testicular cancer.

As a doctor, I’d have to say that I wrote this for the sole purpose of this thread having at least one comment that doesn’t start with, “I am not a doctor/nurse BUT…”