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Gamers, what are you playing to pass the time?

Going through the entire assassins creed series again chronologically. I just got to Rogue.

Hollow Knight.

Please, for the love of GODS, play this game.

It is a 2D metroidvania style, souls-like game, and it is fantastic.

It has great combat, it looks amazing, it has great music, bosses level design, compelling characters and a pretty deep story.

It’s lots of fun and very cheep for it’s size. Really, it’s one of the biggest games I know, and it’s only 15.00$.

I highly recommend it, it belongs to the best games I have ever played.

Fifa, Spider-man, the sims and minecraft mostly

Been playing a lot of WoW recently. Usually I quit after about 3 months or so but I’ve found a guild with really awesome people, so I stayed.

Looking forward to Cyberpunk 2077 in September, Shadow lands WoW expansion in Q4 (I’d guess November) and maybe will get THPS 1+2 remaster on Christmas for the old times sake.

Jedi Fallen Order