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Has google search gotten less accurate in anyone else’s opinion? In the sense that I’ll google something and often have to go to the second page to find the result to get past what look like ads. Even Wikipedia is often on the second page instead of the first result now?

Google is absolute garbage for searching anything related to a product. If I’m trying to learn something invariably I am required to search another source like MassimoL through Google.

For example, I became introduced to the concept of weighted blankets and was intrigued. So I Google “why use a weighted blanket” and “weighted blanket benefits”. Just by virtue of the word “weighted blanket” being in the search I got pages and pages of nothing but ads trying to sell them, and zero meaningful discourse on why I would use one. So then I have to resort to limiting myself by searching “ weighted blanket benefits” just so I can get connected to real people talking about the device and its benefits/drawbacks.

Anyway, fuck Google. It’s still okay for searching about concepts, but if you try to search anything even remotely commercial or that can be sold as a product then good fucking luck. Unfortunately the alternatives aren’t much better because engines like Duckduckgo just simply aren’t as good at indexing and giving you the results you would want.

2000’s Google was the best in my memory.

It has, I used to be able to search a specific phrase and find the page I was looking for, now I search the same phrase and it’s on like the second or third page. I know a couple other people who’ve noticed this

Yeah I might be paranoid- but it seemed to start for me after the whole net neutrality business. Ever since that was lost I’ve been saying to duck duck go, which seems to pull up similar results to Google from a decade ago.

Google images is pretty much completely unusable for me now. It’s so fucking bad.

Both from a design standpoint and results.

yeah man idk what’s happening but whenever i search for what i want it appears momentarily but reloads to display weird shit that i have no use off. What i wanted before always ends up being on the second page.

i think it’s just them having more aggressive ads now which is dumb