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How do skinny-ish people sleep?

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Okay, so I'm feeling bad about asking this to be honest, but Google is only bringing up results related to arthritis, which is definitely not what I'm looking for.

Basically, I've lost a bit of weight, and now bones are extruding in some places, most notably from the front of my hip bone and on my elbows. That makes it very uncomfortable to lay on my stomach and to some extent side, as well as having an arm under the pillow.

I have never heard about anyone having a problem like this, and would really like to know whether it's an issue with my bed or me. Maybe I just have bad sleeping posture?

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im regular weight at 130lbs 5′ 8″ and sleep on my back with my arms folded over my chest like in a coffin pose

Maybe you just need a softer bed? If I’m laying on a firm floor it can be uncomfortable, but on my bed I don’t have any issues.

Probably also something you will get used to over time.

Having been on both sides of this, I’ve gotta say, it’s much easier to sleep as a larger person. I’m a side sleeper – and when I was really thin, I had to sleep with two extra blankets.. one to ‘cuddle’ to stop my arms and collar bone aching. And one to ‘straddle’.. between the knees/legs to stop the pointy bits sticking into each other. It also helps to align the spine and stop your back from aching.

Get into one position then adjust each body part individually. At some point you’ll find a comfortable position to sleep in. Even if the position may seen weird, at least you’ll be able to sleep

My BMI is 20 now, I used to be around 17 when I was younger.

I never had any issues with sleeping in any position, and my mattress isn’t particularly soft. Maybe it’s just a matter of getting used to it, I never knew anything else.

I do have issues with stuff like sitting cross-legged or any other position that pinches on any nerve or protruding bone close to the skin, e.g. when finding a comfortable position to meditate: I need two pillows for that.