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How often do you get to wear a beautiful dress?

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By 'beautiful dress' I mean something like a prom-dress but it may be a bit more casual. I imagine something like New Year's Eve Party or a wedding, but what are other occasions, where do you wear them, how often? Sure, we can wear our best to do grocery shopping but most of us don't.

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Whenever I take myself out to a dinner date to a mid-to-high-end:ish place. Not really doing it atm, but I used to go out at least once a month. If I’m out dining on my own, I don’t mind overdressing.

Never. Which makes me sad. I’ve never gotten to wear a beautiful dress. Never had a prom, I eloped, even my BFFs wedding where I was MOH was a very “meh” gown. I really want to go to a dance or some event where I can go all out.

Not often enough. I wear a lot of sundresses and dress up for school a bit so I’ll wear business-y dresses a lot, but the types of events I get to really dress up for happen like twice a year on average.

I have a closet full of cocktail and formal gowns that I wear to the opera, the symphony, plays and other fine art events, weddings, fancy dates, awards ceremonies/galas, etc. The last time I wore a sequined cocktail dress was about 2 months ago during an outing with friends.

Thankfully never.

Not nearly often enough – maybe 2x a year. I love dressing up, accessorizing, putting on glam makeup, and shoes that make my feet hurt. I love everything about it!

Never. I don’t like wearing formal wear and will actively avoid any occasion that requires it.


But my husband and I take our daughters on a cruise once a year and I’m seriously considering buying myself a pretty, glittery princess dress for the formal dinner night. I’ve never even tried on a prom dress. Didn’t even have a pretty wedding dress. I’m nearly 50 years old — I can buy myself a fancy dress for no particular reason if I want to. 🙂

Work events, celebrating friends’ birthdays, celebrating engagements or just choosing to have a fancy day out with a friend – pick a nice restaurant and both dress up. A lot of the time it’s just about creating the opportunity haha

Whenever I want, which is never!

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