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If an astronaut murdered their fellow astronauts on the ISS, what exactly would happen next? And under which state’s law would their crime be prosecuted?

I’ve wondered about this a few times. Not necessarily who would prosecute them, but from the get go how would whoever is in charge handle it? Because, for one thing it’s not real easy to just shoot up to space from earth. Then you have to figure out who did it, put the killer somewhere to restrain him and so etc. I’ve seen in a few movies where there is a gun onboard the spaceship for emergencies but they have what looked like glass bullets. I guess all I’m saying is, if or when the first murder in space takes place, it’s gonna be a mess.

I believe it would be charged under the rules of maritime law, so there’s probably a captain of the ISS to deal with this stuff

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International Maritime Law.

Throw them out the airlock of course.