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If life was a video-game, what gameplay advice would you give to a beginner?

If you dont die you will live

Grind as much as you can before it gets hard

Avoid player interaction in the 2020 update.

Always stay hydrated. There are hidden debuffs when your hydration level goes down, even if it’s just one percent.

Remember to angle your camera to the direction you are moving towards. Because you may be walking in to an object.

To the previous statement. If you spawn in with a low vision character and you don’t have any vision compensation modules. Glass and clear plastic barriers are also things to watch out for.

Combat against other human players is never advised. Wether it be on the internet minigame or the physical game. Do not start them and only engage if it threatens you physically.

Put mayonnaise water in your coffee for bonus stamina.

Space to jump

There is no checkpoint