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If satan punishes bad people, how come satan is not good?

All the atheist comments aside, this is a really good question.

Can’t ask for logic in religion, since it’s something originally created by mankind, in all societies, to seek comfort in face of the unknown, then (in some cases) adopted by the elites to enslave the masses.

Canonically, he is one punished himself, not the one doing the punishing. You can say he his the first soul in hell, and hell was created because the Earth itself wanted nothing to do with him when he was cast out of the heavens and caved in as far as it could. At least that’s how it goes in Dante’s Commedia and Milton’s Paradise Lost.

This belongs on r/Showerthoughts.

Cause religion is made up mumbo jumbo and its crazy we as a species arent passed it by now. it will be the end of us all one day if we dont move past religion

He disobeyed god, I think.