Domande di Internet

Internet, what’s become clear to you as you’ve gotten older?

We don’t learn from history but repeat behaviors in cycles. And human behavior is predictable but not logical at all. Which is why we see the cycle of hate and then healing repeat itself.

We don’t know how to deal with peace and prosperity and look for ways to create problems and divide. When that hate gets too much we have wars and riots. Then we go back to brotherhood and healing. It’s a vicious cycle, like going back to an abusive relationship with someone you love and cannot live without

99% of arguments you want to get into are not worth it. Especially if they’re over a political issue or a religious disagreement.

However, don’t just walk away from the BlackLivesMatter issue right now. That’s in that 1% of arguments that are DEFINITELY worth having.

Life is hard

I haven’t been in control of my life this whole time

I’ve never met a person who was genuinely, kind, smart, hard-working, and generous who did not eventually kick-ass in life. Roadblocks and bad luck is temporary, but character is forever.