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People who give awards to ads, are you OK?

I just like to see the world burn.

Plz if there is someone who does it here come forward

They buy click farms.

Is this some kind of underwater 5d shogi move, where OP post this question and gets showered with awards?

I work in advertising (only been in it for a few months but spent the last 2 years in an ad school taught and ran by people currently in the industry) and there’s a big schism between the folks who are concerned about strategy and servicing the client, and the guys who worry about awards.

There’s a term for award bait ads among the industry – “scam ads.” You’ll know them when you see them. Most Super Bowl ads fall into this, as well as overtly social justice/charity themed ads that have little to do with the brand. Rather than giving the client what they asked for, the ad is just creative for creative’s sake, designed to win awards and get the advertisers recognition instead of the client.

Hell, people will go as far as giving the client one version of an ad, but then submitting a different version for awards. It begs the question of, “What the hell are we in this business for?” There’s this constant struggle between the creative side and the business side, and awards is right in the middle.

I think the problem is that, over time, advertising has gone from something that people spend their lives aspiring to work for, to something failing and struggling creatives just end up doing because the modern job market is a hellscape and trying to make a living as a creative with no connections in the 21st century is a steep cliff to scale. Might as well apply your creative talents to something that can actually pay well even if you have this underlying existential dread of wasting your creative muscles on being a mercenary for capitalism, and ads that put creative or social causes over business are often a result of that.

Just my two cents, though!