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[SERIOUS] Suicide attempt survivors of Internet, do you have any words of advice for people currently struggling with depression/suicidal thoughts?

Not really advice, more just a realisation I had. The experience of having been suicidal and attempting suicide has allowed me to connect with others who are suicidal on a level they can truly appreciate. It’s allowed me to just be with someone who’s having a truly shitty time – not offering advice or trying to fix them, but just to be there with them.

Read “the book of awesome” or read the site it came from, This got me through my darkest days.

find a reason to stay strong, such as reminding your self that a lost loved one wants you to succeed

No matter when you reach out and get help, it’s going to be embarrassing, awkward, and anxiety inducing. Don’t wait. Get the help when you need it.

Get help now! You can get through this, though it doesn’t seem like it when you are in a place that dark. You can get help and meds to help you get better. Talking it through with someone, even if it’s just on the phone, the unburdening can assist so much. That is the first step. It’s a small one, or so it seems, but it’s the first down the road to feeling better.

You deserve more than what you’re feeling and are worth it. Remember that.