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[SERIOUS] What was your creepy, unexplainable story as a child that was confirmed by your parents to have happened?

Kind of the opposite but I distinctly remember sitting in the front seat of a van with one of my mother’s acquaintances whilst she went to collect something. The guy told me in detail about cutting up, cooking and eating humans (he said palms were a delicacy you could fry up like bacon). Only occurred to me as an adult that he was probably lying.

My Granny died when I was little. I don’t even remember her. My Aunt and Mom always told me this story. I was at my house when I was little, I think about 4. The phone rang and I answered it. They got on to me for answering the phone. I told them it was my Granny calling to see if I was ok. I told her yes and hung up. She had recently passed away. They said they were a little creeped out by it, but insisted it really happened.

Not necessarily creepy, but when I was around 11 or so, my mom and I were going about 40 miles outside of town for a typical orthodontist appointment.The trip typically took about 35 mins give or take a few for traffic, however this one time I kinda zoned out while being driven and upon arriving we remarked “Wow that was fast”. We were earlier for my appointment than usual despite leaving at a consistent time for each appointment. Upon looking at our vehicle’s clock (and confirming with a watch my mom had on) it had mysteriously taken us only 10 mins to drive to drive the usual 35 minute distance. We have no recollection of anything happening during those 10 mins, and it never happened again, but it left us with a very weird feeling. We still wonder what we drove through to this day.

When my family went to the Georgian mountain region, we rented a cottage. 2 bedrooms, so my brother and I took one and our dad took the other with his gf. I woke up in the middle of the night to three figures in the room, all standing in various places, none of which were visible from the entrance of the room. I woke my brother up and we screamed for our dad, but when he came into the room, he refused to look at the figures and just told us to hide under the covers. Wasn’t exactly confirmed, but his refusal to look where they were standing after begging him was telling. Shit still scares my brother and I.

BIG YIKES. I had a neighbor friend who had sexual experiences with her cousin of the same age when we were super young (like under 10 young). I told her mom and the mom freaked out and called me a liar, made a huge scene about how my parents let me watch rated r movies because they aren’t in the church and that i made it all up for attention and made me apologize to her daughter in front of my mom. Fast forward 20 years and I had some memory loss, so I was telling my mom about this weird memory I didn’t know if it was real, where that girl told me about seeing her cousins p*nis and how they would feel each other up at family sleepovers and how I always thought she was assaulted or something but have this weird memory of being called a liar and being forced to apologize for repeating what my friend had told me? MY MOM REMEMBERED AND TOLD ME IT ALL HAPPENED. I’m pretty sure the incest really did happen because I remember being SO confused about why my friend didn’t just tell her mom the truth.