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Straight people of Internet, what made you realise you weren’t gay?

I’m at most Bi-curious. Meaning I can get turned on by other dudes and admit to thinking their hot. But I’ll never romantically pursue them

When I was in grade school I had different positive feelings for a male classmates that I didn’t feel with other male classmates. I questioned if this feeling meant I was gay. years later I learned what the feeling was. I learned that feeling was called respect. Even more years later I started to feel attraction towards girls noticed the the two feelings were different than each other.

Never really had an inclination to bang a dude.

When Alison, who was into me, tried to insert herself in an intimate moment between my boyfriend at the time and I. I kissed her and actually felt queasy. I’ve kissed other girls since but mostly when totally drunk, and I never had the urge to let it go further. I have no desire to touch a pootenangie or even boopz.

When I thought about the people I was attracted to and was interested in having romantic and sexual relationships with, and found that they were uniformly of the opposite gender to my own.

In other words, I want to fuck girls, and the idea of fucking boys isn’t interesting to me.