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Successful people who got crappy grades in high school or college – what are you doing now and how did (or didn’t) your grades affect your success/career?

Very mediocre grades in school here, as well as not having an actual degree, doing very well in Information Technology(Infrastructure Engineer/Architect). I didn’t have the marks, degrees or awards, so I had to learn to sell my value, I still don’t think I’m there yet, but getting there.

Work in IT and My grades didn’t affect me at all. I think I had a 2.44GPA.

I was burned out on school and ready to live life. College classes were torture because I didn’t want to be there, but I had to get a degree to get a good job.

I was always a terrible student, had mostly 50’s or 60’s in applied classes. I had a lot of anger and a bad home life when I was a kid/teenager which had a lot to do with how I acted and how much effort I put in at school but I also didn’t have an interest in any of the subjects other than gym and auto class.(where I still didn’t apply myself the best)

I couldn’t learn by reading or sitting listening to a teacher talk, I only learn to this day by doing and watching how things work.

I remember going to the guidance councilors when I was in high school and doing tests that would suggest I’d be good at service jobs… like food, retail or cosmetics. None of that appealed to me.

I did one year of College for cosmetics as that seemed like the best choice they suggest and failed, Didn’t even consider going back or trying something else. Looking back now I don’t know why they never suggested agriculture or why I never came up with that idea on my own.

I wouldn’t call myself successful but always a hard worker and by the age 20 I bought a house and a vehicle and worked full time making $45 000 a year with no education.

Now I’ll be 27 next month and I still own my house, a new vehicle, have 2 dogs, play my sports, & work full time with a large agriculture company where I do multiple jobs depending on the season.

I do customer service during harvest time,

Run a forklift and manage a warehouse and 3 other people in the winter/spring for seed for the farmers

Scout fields for growth, disease, weeds and insects in the summer and as well some soil sampling.

All these things learned by seeing and doing.

If i knew then what I know now I would have dropped out of school at 15 and gotten my GED. I went on to work in the frac and oil industry for 35 dollars an hour, the best health care a civilian can get, plus two paid full weeks vacation a year. I quit that job to become a day trader in the stock market and make even more money now.

I never went to college and I barley passed high school, academics was a total waste of time in my case and I think many people are brainwashed into wasting their youth and money in a classroom when their are many other options out there.

I did really badly in school. I hated it because I struggled with maths and with writing. I had good ideas but couldn’t seem to get them onto the paper. I left school and worked in a shop Then I joined an acting class and eventually got into drama school in London. Learned to touch type as a way of writing comedy sketches….did well. Now I’m a professional writer. Turns out I have dysgraphia and dyscalculia. Took me 15 years to work that out.