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This is Coming from a guy with two sisters. Females of Internet who shower regularly how do clumps of hair always seem to get stuck to the shower wall?

sir its art

When you’re washing hair will fall out, instead of letting it do down the drain and clogging just throw it on the wall, obviously I thought everyone else also cleaned it up toilet paper after and throw it away but i guess some of yall are nasty

We put them there so we don’t clog the drain as fast as men clog the toilet with their shit.

Ahahahha guilty cause I do that shit too. It’s just we’re lazy to pick it up from the drain so we stick it on the wall but sometimes we forget about it too. For the sake of my own brother(since we share a bathroom), I make it a habbit to clear out my hair from the drain or on the wall, REALLY secretly hoping that he would stop leaving the toilet seat up

Brushing it pulls our hair sometimes. It just happens to get on walls