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Those who don’t cover your nose when wearing masks, do you realize how stupid you look?

The people I see doing that don’t look like the sort who care if people think they look stupid.

Its a protest. They dont give a fuck about the mask and put it on that way to pis you off

FWIW, if as I did you see someone prepping your curbside sandwich order not wearing their mask correctly, give feedback.

Firehouse Subs near me had the person making my sandwich doing exactly this. I reached out, they contacted the location manager and assured me they’d do better. Hopefully, they will.

It’s not too much to ask.

How much longer are people going to post about this?

Yes. Everyone knows they look stupid. Everyone knows it’s stupid.

I’d love to stop seeing it in real life, and then go online and see posts about it every other day.

Go confront them about it. Stop making these posts like the people doing it are actually reading/responding.

The worst is when people come up to my desk with a mask on, and then take it off as soon as they’re a foot away and talking to me.