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To people who sleep easily/fast, how the fuck?

Basically since most of us work in offices, and we sit in our desks all day, we don’t seem to get tired enough that we go straight to sleep when we are actually trying to sleep.

You can actually try to be active on a weekend day, and don’t think about going to bed until you get very tired, you would fall asleep very fast.

Do a workout a few hours before bed. I’m pretty bad at getting to sleep but If I exercise a few hours before bed it takes me 5-10 minutes verus 30 minutes to an hour normally.

Get up early, work 10 hours, get out of work and cook up a homemade dinner, do chores around the house, maybe work a little bit more, watch 50 minutes of TV. I’m asleep within 5 minutes of my head hitting the pillow.

I used to lay awake from stress in my younger years but I think that the older you get that the stress either goes away or just becomes too normal to let it bother you.


A lot of the people I know who complain about finding it difficult to sleep have a terrible routine. Staying up as a late as possible every night, then being forced awake by an alarm clock five days a week (meaning they get less than six hours a night), and then sleeping in on weekends because they’re too exhausted to do anything else. As such some nights they only get four hours sleep, and run entirely on caffeine, while other nights they get ten hours, then take afternoon naps. Is it any wonder people struggle to sleep when they’ve trained their body that sleeping occurs in the middle of the night, and they might not get enough of it?

You want decent sleep, you have to make it routine. Give yourself a bed time and a wake up time, and stick to it every day of the week. Make it sensible, give yourself eight hours every night. You need caffeine, have the same amount every day at approximately the same time every day. By adhering to this routine sooner or later your body gets used to it, and you start feeling tired at your bed time, and will fall asleep easier. Yes, at first it will suck, you will lay there and not be able to sleep for hours, but eventually you will adjust to it as you retrain your body that it can only sleep between those two times.

Don’t lounge during the day.

If you are going to sit, then sit. Don’t just splay yourself across the couch.

Don’t rush to comfort, save all of that for the bed.

Also, don’t have a TV in the room or use your phone.

And finally, above all else, learn to clear your mind. What happened, what’s happening, and what will happen doesn’t matter.

Try to relax. Slow, deep breaths. Let go of your physical shell. Reach out to grasp the threads that bind us, one to another. Every action sends ripples across the galaxy. Every idea must touch another mind to live. Each emotion must mark another’s spirit. We are all connected. Every living being united in a single glorious existence. Open yourself to the universe. Embrace eternity!