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utenti who work in “soft” fields like philosophy, art, or literature, what are some recent breakthroughs that we may not have heard about?

not really a Break Through, but the modern evolution of poetic style is really interesting! the patterns are shifting and blending a lot, and it’s cool to see similarities to much older work while also seeing entirely new language rules. also, this is not new at all, but all poets are sad. none of us are doing it because we feel like it. it’s all beauty wrought from pain.

I’m not sure if this counts as it’s more like an attack on my field rather than a breakthrough, however it is a really big deal (even though it might not seem like it).

Republicans in the States have recently decided that Critical Race Theory is the enemy and have taken steps to eliminate it in all forms of education. They took it out of all federal government training and have been rallying against it being taught in schools because “it’s racist”. Critical racism is and has been a very important tool in identifying systemic racism for literal decades. It has helped dismantle racist policies/laws/attitudes and has been the foundation of anti-racism and racial sensitivity training in workplaces and education systems. I couldn’t possibly write out all the important things it does in this post but it is a very valuable theory that should be taught to every one. The fact that the government is trying to interfere and ban it is a serious problem.

Not one of those redditors, but…

Was any breakthrough in these fields even REALIZED as such initially? It seems to me that every breakthrough in art, philosophy, and literature were only realized as such 100 years later when we analzye their effects and impact on society

Not applicable to me, but I upvoted, because it’s an interesting question.

Digital humanities has resulted in some interesting advances in cross-cultural philosophy of mind by allowing us to essentially ask dead people for their schema lists.