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What are some fictional character fights you would love to see happen?

John Wick vs. Caillou, I’d love to see that little fucker die.

For me personally, I would love to see Alien X from Ben 10 fight Q from Star Trek. Both characters are known to warp reality and are omnipotent beings. Q would try to use his illusions to trick Alien X, but Alien X makes things happen by using his thoughts. We can exclude the debating floating magic mirror just for this occasion. Without those faces, Alien X would be just as powerful and be busy kicking ass. I would like to see him battle the celestials from Marvel and Doctor Manhattan, but I prefer him battling Q because both characters stand out from their own omnipotent species.

Since I ended up bringing Ben 10, I would like to see his aliens battle other characters

For example(This is a long list):

Gwen vs. Scarlet Witch

Heatblast vs. Human Torch

XLR8 vs. Quicksilver

Diamondhead vs Captain America

Four Arms vs. Red Hulk

Wildmutt vs. Sabretooth

Upgrade vs. T-1000

Ghostfreak vs Ryuk

Upchuck vs. Kirby

Way Big vs. Ultraman

Arctiguana vs. Sub-Zero

Swampfire vs. Groot

Ult. Swampfire vs. Azula

Humungosaur vs. Lizard

Ult. Humungosaur vs. Hulk

Jetray vs. The Flash

Spidermonkey vs. Spider-Man

Ult. Spidermonkey vs. Dr. Octopus

Big Chill vs Elsa

Ult. Big Chill vs Ice King

Echo Echo vs Naruto

Ult. Echo Echo vs. Soundwave

Chromastone vs. Carol Danvers

Brainstorm vs. Professor X

Lodestar vs. Magneto

Rath vs. Wolverine

Nanomech vs. Wasp

AmpFibian vs Electro

Clockwork vs. The Presence

Feedback vs. Thor

Shocksquatch vs. Storm

Kickin Hawk vs. Liu Kang

Astrodactyl vs. Falcon

Bullfrag vs T-800

Atomix vs. Goku

You’d probably like r/whowouldwin

Harry Potter and Shrek

I want Mortal Kombat 11 to include Rambo so that we can see Terminator vs Rambo. That was one of the hottest debates when I was in the middle school.