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What could you give a 40-minute presentation on with absolutely no preparation?

Pretty much anything.

I’ll awkwardly ramble about something and end up talking about stuff that’s nothing to do with the original topic but I’ll keep going with it because I’d be too awkward to stop and then before I’ve realised it I’ve completely forgotten the whole point of the situation and I’m no longer talking about one single topic but multiple topics, just going from one to another, and apon realising this will try to get back to the original topic I chose but getting back to that topic will take a while because as I head back to it I’ll end up going down random brain pathways and get distracted by little details which is one reason why I suck at telling stories because I end up giving too much detail about things that don’t really matter to the story or I end up giving huge back stories to explain points that I could easily explain in a sentence but I don’t want to leave people confused about ideas so I just do it anyway but these back stories and details often have extra back stories and details buried within them that I also end up rambling about which takes me further away from the original point I’m making in a similar fashion to Zeno’s paradox, where I can’t talk about point a because I need to explain point b first, but to understand point b in my mind I need to completely explain point c, point c is actually a pretty simple point to explain but out of no where I randomly think point d is also useful to explain point b so explain that and thus the cycle continues with the original idea (point a) never actually being discussed but mearly hinted at and before I know it I’ve filled the entire 40 minutes talking about absolutely nothing where neither the audience or myself can really remember what I spoke about but all we do know is that it was a mess. But atleast I filled up the time.

Right now? Esperanto. I’ve been studying it for the past… better part of a year now, and it’s so much fun.

On how ani vaxers and flat earthers are wrong

Automotive oil additives, CAFE credits, and why the 10k mile oil change is absolute bullshit that only serves to lower total fleet emissions for manufacturers.

Pokemon lol