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What fictional character does everyone else love but you despise?

Tony Stark.

I just don’t find him at all funny or charming. He always struck me as more like what a teenage boy thinks other people would find funny and charming and not a genuinely funny or charming person.

Michael Scott

Raymond from Animal Crossing doesn’t even look cute/cool the only thing he has going is heterochromia but the glasses and outfit fucks it up

JD from Heather’s

He murders 3 people and sexually assaults the main character (Veronica).

In the movie, they romanticise him just enough to show how Veronica falls for him, but not enough, as to show how he’s an asshole.
In the musical, he’s way too romanticized. He’s shown as broken and almost fixable, and Veronica is sad when he dies, as apposed to the movie, where she doesn’t care at all.

Harry Potter