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What is something unrealistic that you often see in movies that annoys the hell out of you?

  • “can you hack this super secure server?”
  • *10 seconds of hitting random letter keys on the keyboard*^(1)
  • *HTML or JavaScript source code automatically scrolling*^(2)
  • “I’m in”

^(1)If you enter commands, usually 60% of the keys aren’t letters

^(2)There’s absolutely no reason to let source code scroll so fast. Noone can read and understand code so fast and you want to scroll manually so you can jump to other places and other files.

TL;DR Hacking in movies is completely unrealistic.

When people order food in a restaurant and then leave before it arrives. At least get it to go.

In labor and birth scenes, the woman is pissed off, the baby is clean, and they never delivery the placenta.

Women in sex scenes always wearing matching bra and panties. And keeping the bra on the whole sesh

Ordering things at a bar. “I’ll have a beer” “can I have a drink?” Unless you just turned 18 and can legally drink, it’s unacceptable.