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What is the most desperately lonely thing you have ever done?

I can’t go to bed without hugging my pillow like I am cuddled up to woman in bed. I’ve only dated one girl, but I more or less got addicted to sharing a bed with someone.

I went to the grocery store so the I could hear someone talk to me when I was being rung up

I once called my cellphone from my parents’ phone just to hear it ring.

I am in no way creative but was super bored when my shift hours went down by 100 hours a month that I started painting – painting by numbers.

I was gifted one of those anime dakimakura.

I laughed at it, as it was a gag gift, but in reality I was so lonely at the time I got it, I hugged it every night before bed slept with it next to me.

I don’t have it anymore, because I got the help I needed and made new friends and stuff, but yeah. That’s probably the loneliest I’ve ever been in my life.