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What is the single biggest dick move in all of history?

> A Company was then chosen by the battalion’s commanding officer, Lieutenant Colonel John Dutton Frost, to lead the 2nd Parachute Battalion in the Battle of Arnhem, part of Operation Market Garden, because of Digby’s reputation of being an aggressive commander. In preparation Digby, concerned about the unreliability of radios, educated his men on how to use bugle calls that had been used during the Napoleonic Wars for communication in case the radios failed. He also took an umbrella with his kit as a means of identification because he had trouble remembering passwords and felt that anyone who saw him with it would think that “only a bloody fool of an Englishman” would carry an umbrella into battle.
> A Company were dropped away from the target of Arnhem Bridge and had to go through Arnhem where the streets were blocked by German forces. Digby led his men through the back gardens of nearby houses instead of attempting to advance through the streets and thus avoided the Germans. Digby and A Company managed to travel 8 miles in 7 hours while also taking prisoner 150 German soldiers including members of the SS. During the battle, Digby wore his red beret instead of a helmet and waved his umbrella while walking about the defences despite heavy mortar fire. When the Germans started using tanks to cross the bridge, Digby led a bayonet charge against them wearing a bowler hat. He later disabled a German armoured car with his umbrella, incapacitating the driver by shoving the umbrella through the car’s observational slit and poking the driver in the eye.
> Digby then noticed the chaplain pinned down by enemy fire while trying to cross the street to get to injured soldiers. Digby got to him and said “Don’t worry about the bullets, I’ve got an umbrella”. He then escorted the chaplain across the street under his umbrella. When he returned to the front line, one of his fellow officers said about his umbrella that “that thing won’t do you any good”, to which Digby replied “Oh my goodness Pat, but what if it rains?” Digby was later injured by shrapnel, which also cut open the rear of his trousers but continued to fight until A Company had run out of ammunition. Despite the radios being unreliable as Digby had predicted and the bugle calls being used most in the battle, the message “out of ammo, God save The King” was radioed out before Digby was captured.

Tl;dr: A bloody fool of an Englishman carries an umbrella into battle, because only he would; takes 150 German soldiers, some of whom belonged to the SS, hostage; plays chicken with the artillery using aforementioned umbrella; singlehandedly takes out the cavalry with only umbrella; rescues Pat with umbrella, because oh my goodness, what if it rains; takes shrapnel in the ass, but isn’t even phased; runs out of ammo, God save The King.

That guy had the biggest dick in history—bar none.


Treaty of Versailles.

those motherfuckers evolving to suck mammal blood and now we got to worry about mosquitos, leeches, ticks, etc

Phillip of Macedonia threatened the Spartans “If I invade Lakonia, you will be destroyed and never rise again”

The Spartans replied with “If”

The White American conquest over the native populations is probably a strong contender.

A large majority of Native American tribes were quite welcoming of newcomers in need. There’s an entire holiday about being thankful for the kindness and the generosity of the Native Americans.

In return, they were gifted with smallpox and other lethal diseases, had every one of their treaties ignored (and were wiped out whenever they tried to complain about it), had their primary prey species deliberately hunted to extinction, had their culture reduced to primitive shamanism and a few totemic symbols, and those that weren’t killed outright were forcibly marched across the continent to poorer land in an even known as the fucking Trail of Tears.