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What is your favorite eye color?

Brown. Not super dark or super light. Just brown. The way the colors play in the sunlight with my wife’s eyes when we are out hiking or climbing as well as how bright my son’s eyes look just gets to me every time.

Crystal blue, like hers

Blue. Deep blue like the ocean.

I like my eye color a lot.
It’s very dark brown, as black as it gets without any related issues.

Also, sometimes, and by sometimes I mean the three or four times it’s happened so far, someone will go: “Bro wtf, your eyes turned red for a second there.”
I’ve never seen it happen so idk if it’s true or not. But none of the people who’ve said it know each other, and it’s happened at various points in my life. The first time when I was about six, and the second time when I was about 16.
I’m 20 now, it hasn’t happened again since the last time.

So yeah. My favorite eye color is very dark brown that sometimes turns red for a second there.