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What made you end a friendship?

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What made you end a friendship?

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His dick in my girlfriend

One of my grandparents died and they sent me a text the next day that said I was “allowed” to be sad, but I had to be sad on my own time because they were worried that seeing me in pain would send them down a villainous path (they saw themselves as an urban fantasy hero and I guess I was the damsel in distress). At that point, I realized I was a prop in a narcissistic delusion of grandeur, so I ended things that same day. I was already mourning a relative, so I figured mourning a best friend on top of that wouldn’t be so bad. Funnily enough, I spent a few years wondering if I’d made the right choice. I thought maybe they didn’t realize how horribly they’d treated me (that day was the final straw, but there were tons of straws before that). Recently, however, I decided to tie up some loose ends and found out they knew exactly how horrible they were to me, but they kept doing it because they knew I loved them too much to leave and they liked the feeling of being loved so unconditionally. I feel like an idiot for not realizing then, but also relieved to know now. I used to want to reconcile, but now I know there’s nothing from that friendship that’s worth salvaging.

Realizing that every time you’re around that person, you feel put down and diminished. #byefelicia

A friend constantly borrowed cash and never returned them. Then found out the same friend was stealing from me, things that just magically disappear when I thought all my life that I’ve just lost or misplaced them. Then there’s the backstabbing and constant rumor spreading, I tolerated for years because I was trying to convince myself that that friend is not doing such thing. Talk about a really toxic person.

I felt like I was just being used as a stop-gap from one party to the next…like I was there just for when their parties weren’t available