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What makes you insecure? Why?

Making phone calls.

I know i am bad at explaining things. Its something I am working on. But when talking on the phone, I cant see your face to see if you are understanding what I am saying. I don’t have any visual cues for if you agree or disagree with what I am saying. I find it very stressful.

Despite the countless number of applications / virtual interviews I’ve been on, I’ve been unemployed since the start of quarantine.

More I learn more I am aware I dont actually know

My body. The way society portrays women’s bodies, it programmed this mentality for me and I suffer BDD (body dysmorphic disorder) because of it. I’m not considered obese, my grandma, mom, and dad tend to say I’m bony but my mind still convinces myself that my body is disgusting and undesirable. I’m hoping to get help soon, it takes a toll on the good ol mental health. I can barely eat one meal, I calorie count, I examine myself in the mirror, I weigh several times a day, I suck in my stomach. It’s horrific and I’m aware, but my brain is just mean.

Not saying society doesn’t do it to men either when it comes to muscles, body, etc because it certainly does but since I’m a girl I relate to how they portray women btw. Overall it’s shitty.

My frog like neck. It makes me feel fatter than I already am. My weight in general and I just struggle with controlling my appetite and such so it’s really on me.