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What movie were you expecting to love, but ended up letting you down completely?

The hobbit trilogy

The second Kingsman movie. First one was good and I was really looking forward to a new good spy movie

World War Z. The book was so dope with its anthology format and geopolitical details that I thought they could only fuck up the movie so much and was super excited. I guess I shouldn’t underestimate Hollywood’s ability to turn anything great into to liquid shit and cover it up with cool explosions.

Ad Astra

On paper it sounded really neat to me (I’m a huge sucker for near future and space movies) but it was really held back by its clunky exposition, meandering pace, and one of Brad Pitt’s worst performances I’ve ever seen from him. And even as the film takes shape as a “daddy issues” story, it just didn’t end up being compelling or have a satisfying resolution.

Visuals and sound were fine at least

Ender’s Game. My all time favorite book. I waited forever for them to make it a movie. I overlooked a lot of tweaks to the story, hoping to enjoy it anyway. In the end, it wasn’t worth the time at all. Still burns my ass thinking about it.