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What role would you play in your group in the event of a zombie apocalypse?

I’m a botanist. I can grow food, and I’m pretty good at it. Of course this means we’d have to be the “hunker down and build a society” kind of group, instead of the wandering kind. Though even while wandering I know what plants we can eat.

Support, I got the extra guns and medicine. Also probably throw myself at zombie to save someone else, gross ik.

I would try to be as productive as I can but I wouldnt be of any help when it would come to fighting or running

I’ll be just fine being the housewife of the group lol

Probably the technical advisor or the leader. I would be one of the more knowledgeable in useful fields like weaponry or first-aid. I also probably have the most useful equipment.

I’d be the guy that picks where we’re going to move to and live.