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What turns an attractive person ugly?

Dishonesty, and fanatical religious beliefs.

Manipulation or any other personality problems

When I was 15, my cousins best friend was the cutest boy I had ever met… Until I got to know him. He was cocky and talked down to any girl that he didn’t deem beautiful enough to put his charm on. He was never really mean to me because I was “one of the boys” but that just let me see what he was truly like towards girls in general. He quickly became the ugliest person I knew. In turn, one of the “funny looking” kids in my class quickly became my crush because he was just so nice! His inner beauty outshined his big ears and crooked nose before the first week of school was over. So yeah, personality is a game changer

Speaking poorly to waiting staff/service based workers.

Frequent and inappropriate use of the word literally.