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What two games, when combined, would make the best game ever?

GTA and The Sims. Why not be able to endure in a life simulation while also slinging guns on the side?

Seems more like a more M rated Sims but I’d love it.

Cities Skylines and GTA. Build your own city then fuck around in it.

Dark souls and legend of zelda

GTA and Rocket League.

Open world map and then you’ll need to drive to the arena you want to play in.

Scrabble and Laser Tag.

Gotta shoot people to collect the letter displayed on their vest, and then shoot a giant projection of a game board to place the letters you’ve collected and spell out words.
Each time someone’s shot, their letter changes.

Could do it solo style, both running and shooting the board, or in teams, where players collects letters for the whole team while the team captains race each other trying to claim space on the board with those letters. Or everyone takes a turns in both roles maybe?

It might be fun for people to strategize going after players on the other team, or shielding players on their own team, keeping in mind how useful a letter might be.

Maybe there’s a cap on how many unspent letters each team can have in its letter pool at any one time, so you need to be careful not to fill up the letter pool with unhelpful letters?

“What’s this L? I said I needed a J, damn it. Someone get me a J.” – Your team captain.